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My name is Tarn Mount – two geographical features mashed together to form a sound that usually generates the response “Say what?”. So if you know what a tarn is you’re probably a whiz at crosswords. I’m a high-end retoucher – an animal pretty thin on the ground when you actually need one. I started out as a graphic designer but as I spent more and more time with photoshop I realised that is where my passion lies. Nothing beats an awesome hero image that grabs someone’s attention and represents what you are about. I started Mountain Graphics retouching as a way of offering photographers and design agencies a way of accessing high quality retouching without having to go through recruitment agencies.

I currently work for myself looking after advertising and design agencies and commercial photographers from all over the world. I look forward to those “impossible” retouching challenges. The more interesting the work – the more I sink my teeth into it. Shoot me an email or call if you have any queries about what I can do for you.


For those who require simpler photo editing I offer more basic retouching services such as deep-etching (background removal), shadow creation, simple clean-up, portrait and product retouching. In fact, anything that you need doing to make your image stand out.

*N.B. All the retouching displayed here is by me. However, in all cases the original photography is by numerous photographers working on behalf of their respective companies. All images are copyrighted and cannot be distributed.